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    Summitview Christian Church
    Welcome to Summitview!
    SummitView Christian Church is a contemporary, non-denominational Christian church that exists to REACH and CONNECT people with the love of Christ then help BUILD their lives into full devotion to Christ.

    We are passionate about building a biblically functioning community as the Bible describes in Acts chapter 2, and then using that community to impact people’s lives and the world around us. At SummitView, we call it “building a community to reach a community!”

    SummitView is designed to serve both Christians and those who might consider themselves spiritual seekers. It’s a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions and simply want to check out Christianity without anyone pressuring them.

    We are working hard to make SummitView a place for you to be yourself, believe in a faith that is your own, and belong to a community that genuinely cares about you and your family.

    So come just as you are - there’s a place for you at SummitView!

    What We Believe and Teach
    Though SummitView is committed to contemporary methods to communicate God’s Word, it remains conservatively tied to the Bible. We embrace Scripture as inspired by God; we believe Jesus to be supernatural in birth, life, death, and resurrection; and we understand salvation to be God’s work of grace, which we accept by faith and obedience.

    CORE Values
    Fervent PRAYER
    We are committed to humble dependence on God as our source of wisdom and power in fulfilling our mission.

    We are committed to caring for people at every step of their spiritual journey.

    Continuous GROWTH
    We are committed to helping seekers and believers to take the next step in their spiritual development. Cultural RELEVANCE

    We are committed to presenting biblical Christianity that makes a life-changing difference in people.

    Consistent EXCELLENCE
    We are committed to striving for quality in every area of ministry.

    Worship Services
    Every time we gather our aim is to provide an inspiring, life-changing encounter with God. You will experience uplifting music that draws you closer to God, and a relevant message that applies the truths of the Bible to your life today. At SummitView we believe deeply in the centrality of God’s Word. You’ll find our worship style to be decidedly contemporary as we strive to be relevant in the way we present the good news of Jesus through the use of music and multimedia.

    Life Groups
    Life Groups are an integral part of the life of our church, and one of the best ways for you to experience meaningful relationships at SummitView. Meeting regularly with others for encouragement, fun and serving will help you learn how to apply the principles of the Bible in today’s world. Let us help you get connected in community and begin down the path toward biblical community at SummitView and get a taste of the life God created you to live.